• Toucanoos Menu- created with The freshest ingredients


    REmarkable food for remarkable people


    fresh, locally sourced fruits, vegetables, fish, breads, meats and cheeses. celebrating the abundance.

    we love our customers


    we encourage feedback and strive to please our customers. customer service and integrity are our core values.

    environmental awareness-BECAUSE WE CARE

    our take out containers are bio degradable, earth friendly and made from natural or recycled materials

    giving back


    always open to contributing to a local cause. we believe in philanthropy and have every intention to hold local awareness events, volunteering and contributions.


    -we create the perfect lunch

    bring a great healthy picnic with you on your excursions.

  • who we are

    owners of toucanoos: CREATING TOGETHER

    The Story

    When it’s time to re-invent yourself with your best combined talents and in a new land, we found the best way to share it was to create a restaurant...Toucanoos was created with a dream 6 years ago and to live and thrive in paradise. Our restaurant features the best that Chef Matt has to offer! From his own home-made-from scratch recipes and 30+ years and home chef you will have the opportunity to taste flavorful, fun, uncomplicated, yet elevated, satisfying food that you will crave... In addition to this combination, Toucanoos will delight you with it’s bright presentation in a warm, fun atmosphere. Stay in and dine or take it to the beach across the street. We take picnic to a whole ‘NEW’ level. We are very passionate about offering take out containers that do not impact the environment. Made of recycled paper and corn starch.

    Located in El Pueblito Sur, Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica. Find us on instagram at #toucanoos. AND find daily happenings, special daily dishes, memes, videos, recipes and special events on our TOUCANOOS FACEBOOK PAGE Learn more about how we were inspired by Costa Rica, our adventures and why we fell in love with Costa Rica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuJRbhl4Rd8 We finally gave up the concrete jungle for the real jungle. Can't Wait To Meet You!

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    el pueblito sur
    playas del coco, costa rica
    Everyday 12-7pm
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